Cadet Holly Brockbank

Bollington Mayor Making 2016

By Cadet Holly Brockbank

Bollington Mayor Making 2016

My name is Cadet Holly Brockbank, and I am the Mayor's Youth Consort 2016 - 2017.

A few weeks ago, I received a letter informing me of this honour with an invitation to attend the Mayor Making Ceremony and Reception.

Therefore, on Tuesday 3rd May, I arrived at Bollington Town Hall for the 2016 Mayor Making Ceremony. I went into the council chamber and was greeted by the Councillors, and dignitaries such as the Mayor of Poynton. After a short while the ceremony began. To start with, there were prayers and apologies for absences. Then the Mayor at the time (Councillor Angela Williams) gave a speech about her time as Mayor, and a vote for the new Mayor took place. This involved a brief speech about Mr Williams' time on the council and his Naval background. This was seconded by another Council Member.

After this, Mrs Williams gave the Mayoral chain over to Councillor Alan Williams. The same process of voting occurred for the Deputy Mayor, Civilian Instructor at Bollington Air Cadets and Councillor Andrew Langdon who will be Mayor next year.

Then the Mayor's Youth Consorts were introduced. Mr Mayor came over to us and shook our hands, explaining our role to the guests. He said "These are my Youth Consorts, who will be accompanying me to many events. We have ordered you two chains to wear, although they have not yet arrived."

This was shortly followed by a few more thanks and votes by the council, at which point we were invited to attend the reception at the Civic Hall. Our tables were set out into groups and I had the pleasure of sitting with the Mayor himself. My name had been reserved a seat opposite from his. There was a buffet accompanied by champagne for the adults. Overall, it was a brilliant evening and I am thoroughly excited about my year accompanying the Mayor.